Point Cloud 3D Scanning & Surveying

We recognise the need for accurate design in relationship to existing assets and levels of ground make-up. As appropriate, we propose a scan methods of varying techniques and levels of detail, which can then be integrated into our 3D design models.

Our 3D scanning often referred to as point-cloud scans have accuracies starting from 2mm. Using the latest technology our teams can produce full scans of your existing site. Effectively bringing your site to our design team where they create an accurate digital model.

Our teams can process scan data in-house converting it into a digital model , without the need for third-party support.  Being responsible for the scan and model generation ensures total ownership and a more comprehensive utilisation of potential accuracies. With the 3D model in place, we can confidently design for both traditional site delivery, or Off-Site built solutions.

Where required, point clouds can be registered to OS National Grid, local datum coordinate systems or tied into existing site controls. Through establishing fixed reference points on site, we create a 1-2-1 seamless relationship between the digital model and real-world site. Though the use of state-of-the-art setting-out equipment, we pinpoint critical aspects of the design back onto the real-world structures to ensure accurate construction.