LEANsite Product Range

The LEANSite product range was one of the founding solutions that established Bridges Off-site build capabilities. LEANSite was developed as a vast array of electrical installation products to reduce site installation times. Initially simply providing premade junction boxes on stands, this over the last decade, has now developed into a full suite of prebuilt electrical products with an array of over 400 separate products.

During the design stage DfMA is fully considered and our expert designers preselect the right products to suit the installation. Through our workflows this will then be assembled on a dedicated LEANSite production line, clearly tagged, checked and dispatched to the either our own sites or to customers / competitors who have embraced the use of our products.

We have many examples where site installation times have been reduced by as much as 50% whilst the overall quality of our installation has increased as all the products are galvanised post fabrication, all backplates are punched / profiled and all products undergo pre-despatch quality inspections. This solution has a positive impact on the environment through reduced vehicle movements for site installations, increased team availability to complete larger programmes of work and improves morale through reducing the need to complete mundane tasks on site.

The range is vast but key product headings include:

  • Lighting Columns and brackets
  • Junction Box & Isolator Stands
  • Instrument controller stands with weatherproof hoods.
  • Instrument brackets: Plastic, galvanised & stainless steel.
  • Distribution Arrangements
  • Mains Incomer Isolators and earthing arrangement backboards

To further improve our installation capabilities Bridges have invested in and developed a fleet of site storage / workshop containers. Each container is preloaded with the materials to meet the specific needs of the site installation including all of the LEANSite products further enhancing the site installation experience and delivering on our key three values – SAFE People, HAPPY People, SUSTAINABLE Business